How to start the analysis?

This is how to make analysis inside platform. data collection starts from the analysis of your company current state - the greatest data asset for you as a leader is your people.



The Prioritio data is collected with two analysis: Personnel and Management analysis.


In Personnel analysis the personnel's experiences of work and work performance is surveyed. Everybody in the organization answers to this analysis including the management. The Management analysis is specified to the management on how they operate, in which tools they operate and how do they lead the company. Only the management answers to this analysis.


Set the analysis

  • Set an answering time. As a default the answering time is set to be one week.
  • Set notifications. Notifications are sent to your email, if you want to follow the progress of your analysis.
  • Choose the amount of answerers. This is for you to know how many people are expected to answer to the analysis.


Once the analysis has been created, it is time to share it with the team. Share it by either copying the link and sharing it directly (i.e. in LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.), or sharing it via email.

  • Start by selecting the language of the message. Then, add or type the email addresses and click "send".


Now, it's time to for you and your team to answer the analysis. In the Personnel analysis, you're asked to give your feel based opinion to presented arguments with a slide bar.

In the Management analysis, you are asked to give your opinion to presented arguments by selecting the option that in your opinion describes best the situation in your organisation.


From the analysis history you can monitor the progress of the analysis.